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Large Format Posters

Do you need a poster to promote your local gig or an event? Look no further - we can design and print various sized posters from A4 to A0, and we can laminate them too.
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Large Format Posters

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A2 A1 A0
1 £13 £20 £35.55
2 £20 £38 £65
3 £30 £58 £90
4 £40 £78 £120
5 £57.50 £100 £150
6 £60 £120 £175
7 £70 £138 £200
8 £80 £150 £230
9 £90 £165 £270
10 £100 £180 £290

PosterDesign Guide

We can print posters at various sizes from A4 to A0 please specify the size you want when providing artwork. If you are providing your own artwork, please make sure you follow these guidelines:
  • Please ensure that your artwork is set up as print ready i.e. when laid out flat, make sure each page is where it should be. Alternatively you can provide each page as a separate high res PDF but please clearly explain to us which page is to go where.
  • Please ensure you have a 3mm bleed on artwork that runs to the edge
  • Include crop marks on all artwork
  • All artwork must be set in CYMK colours (not RGB)
pagesizes If you are unsure or just want a bit of advice then please feel free to give our sales office a call on01993 701061to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

All runs under 1000 are digitally printed jobs All runs above 1000 are lithographically ran jobs.
All jobs are quoted as 4 colour. We also print pantone colours if you have this requirement please call us.